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r/3commasCommunity: Discussions related to 3commas trading platform. I recently closed a deal (with loss) go get some money, I think about 100 EUR All in all, I've used virtually every crypto auto trading bot platform I could possibly find and I have to conclude 3 commas is the best and is improving rapidly with an ever growing community. and the low price compared to competitors, 3 commas are in my view the most attractive and best crypto bot platform, portfolio management, manual day trades (3 Commas smart trades), signals, and overall. The first trade was for USDT- EOS@ 7.777 with a 8% take profit, a trailing 3% stop loss it went to 8.60 that make the correct number 2.34 not the 7.98 they gave me. The other was BTC_BAT@.00003938 with the same 8% take profit & trailing 3% stop loss which should be .00003819 not the .00003767 they sold at which if you cant count make it 4.4% NOT the 3% stop loss we set

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  1. 3 Commas does not claim to be fool proof and does not guarantee returns, they provide quick trade set ups that run automatically to maximize oportunities. the trader, putting in the money is the most interested person in making it work
  2. imize risks, limit losses, grow profits, and manage their portfolios across multiple exchanges
  3. I like three commas because you communicate well with your customers through the good and the bad from what I have seen. It seems like there is also a well developed forum for community led development. Useful. Share. Reply. You've already flagged this customer 2 reviews. GR. Perfect services.

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Get your trusted Coinbase automated trading bot for comfortable price at 3Commas. It`s an arbitrage bot that will help you to gain your first income within 10 min. Sign up now and let`s get cracking We've already covered the Oxford comma and the need for commas in a series or list. There are three other primary times when you need to use a comma. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list; just the times when comma use is most common The Three Comma Club is the name given to money-centric publisher Forbes' annual list of ultra-rich bastards (and bastardettes) who can claim to have more than a billion bucks in the bank (or, rather, to their name

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THREECOMMAS.COM - Three Commas - Mark Cuban's Collection for Entrepreneurs THREECOMMAS.COM Register Domain Names at Register.com, Inc. 8 years 11 months 12 days ago . Web Server used IP Address at Shopify, Inc. provider in Ottawa, Canada THREE COMMAS APPAREL. The idea started as the brand label for inspirational quotes from Mark Cuban's website. However, it grew to become an aspirational business brand developed for the driven Millennial. We are about the entrepreneur - from the place where that dream began, to where the dream becomes a reality Vi skulle vilja visa dig en beskrivning här men webbplatsen du tittar på tillåter inte detta

3. A comma separates items in the series, including the final item preceded by and, or, or nor. Now click on the link below to do exercise 1. Link to Exercise 1 . COMMA RULE #2 - THE COMMA WITH COORDINATE ADJECTIVES: Use commas between coordinate adjectives Commas can be used after informal salutations that include an adjective such as Dear. The trick is that you have to decide if your message is formal or informal

Commas are used to separate list items. With two list items, don't use a comma. With three list items, use a comma between the list items and before the 'and' (or whatever conjunction) if it's your local convention. This page explains when to use commas in lists, has lots of examples, and includes an interactive exercise Thank you for using Pushshift's Reddit Search Application! This application was designed from the ground up to be feature rich while offering a very minimalist UI. This application was built for academic study of Reddit by providing the ability to quickly find information using a full-featured API Whether or not you put a comma before and depends on how you're using and.There's no single rule that applies to all situations. You usually put a comma before and when it's connecting two independent clauses. It's almost always optional to put a comma before and in a list.. Comma Before And in Lists. A lot of people have strong feelings about putting a comma before and in a list Karma is Reddit's voting system. The posts with the most karma are the ones you see on the front page. Reddit tracks how much karma each of its users has earned, too. We'll explain how Reddit karma works and how you get it

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  1. Even the traditional comma after the salutation is now not considered mandatory (and using 'Hello[,] John' has surely only become acceptable within the last 40 years). This from Wordreference.com: For a letter, I think the comma is normal (in American-style business letters, a colon is also possible with the salutation)
  2. Join a game of kahoot here. Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform that makes it fun to learn - any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages
  3. Learn PUNCTUATION Easily in 30 Minutes in this Punctuation Masterclass. Also see - MOST COMMON MISTAKES IN ENGLISH & HOW TO AVOID THEM: https://www.youtube.c..
  4. I have a whole column of numbers that include dot separators at the thousands and comma instead of dot as an dismal separator. When I try to create a numeric column out of them, I lose all data. v..
  5. er, opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin and material. So two adjectives that are both opinions (a mushy, sticky apple) should have a comma between them, but two adjectives that are an opinion and color (a mushy green apple) should not
  6. Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you

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  1. Pushshift Reddit API Documentation Preface. The pushshift.io Reddit API was designed and created by the /r/datasets mod team to help provide enhanced functionality and search capabilities for searching Reddit comments and submissions
  2. Larian's Reddit AMA revealed the level cap, class roster, and many other details on what to expect from the Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access launch. by Ty Arthur After decades of waiting, a brand new Baldur's Gate game is finally on the horizon, 20 years following the last main entry
  3. Reddit Bans The_Donald, Forum Of Nearly 800,000 Trump Fans, Over Abusive Posts Reddit unveiled an update to its hate speech policies on Monday, including shutting down about 2,000 subreddits. It.
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  5. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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Windows Terminal Preview v0.3 has been published to the Microsoft Store! If you have previously installed the Terminal from the Store, you will receive this update automatically. If you've not yet installed Terminal from the Microsoft Store, now would be a great time because it contains some MAJOR improvements and updates The comma operator (,) is used to separate two or more expressions that are included where only one expression is expected. When the set of expressions has to be evaluated for a value, only the right-most expression is considered. For example, the following code: a = (b=3, b+2)

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How to Fix a Comma Splice. There are three common ways to fix a comma splice. Let's look at a new example: I am not angry with you, I am not happy with you, either. Fix #1: Add a Conjunction. One way to fix a comma splice is to add a conjunction immediately after the comma Commas with Appositives. The definition of an appositive is a word or word group that defines or further identifies the noun or noun phrase preceding it.. Rule: When an appositive is essential to the meaning of the noun it belongs to, don't use commas. When the noun preceding the appositive provides sufficient identification on its own, use commas around the appositive Free Comma Separating Tool. Do you often need to take a spreadsheet of data and convert to a comma-delimited list? Be it for taking a list of zip codes or names to make an SQL query, or to take data from a CSV and be able to paste into an array This writing prompt generator currently includes 136 unique writing prompts! Some prompts may include specific pronoun for better clarity, but don't let that keep you from applying the prompts to whoever you want, however you want hello grammarians today Paige and I are going to teach you all about your new best friend of the comma it is a piece of punctuation that has many many many functions and we're just going to broadly overview them today the comma is an extremely powerful piece of punctuation can do a whole bunch of stuff so Paige what is like the most pertinent or important thing that the comma does I would.

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There are three types of terminal punctuation: a period, an exclamation point, and a question mark. There are three types of terminal punctuation: a period, an exclamation point, and a question mark. If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. Commas in space and time Sök räntor och valutakurser, Mittkurser, Mittkurs, Fixkurs, Fixingkurser, valutakurs, valutakurser, växelkurs, växelkurse Official website of author and illustrator Lauren Child Primary Resources - free worksheets, lesson plans and teaching ideas for primary and elementary teachers

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Commas and introductory elements Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization You can use a colon, a comma, or nothing before a quotation. Use a colon after an introduction that is an independent clause or if the quotation is at least one sentence. If the introduction is not an independent clause (and most aren't), you can use a comma. If your quotation in running text (i.e., with no introduction), use nothing before it Here are a few more examples of sentences that require a comma before which: My mother's house, which is in a nice neighborhood, needs a new coat of paint. Tom's second book, which he spent ten years writing, is now a best seller. Rob tripped over his shoes, which he had left lying in the middle of the floor

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Oxford Comma Lyrics: Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? / I've seen those English dramas too; they're cruel / So if there's any other way to spell the word / It's fine with me, with me / Why. The GameStop frenzy on Wall Street has investors, and much of the internet, enraptured — not unlike a good horror movie. Everyone knows doom is just around the corner for some key players; a. Twitch is the world`s leading video platform and community for gamers

S hould you use a comma before and/or after etc.? There's no definitive answer, because different style guides recommend different usage. Nevertheless, the style that seems to be recommended the most is to always include a comma before etc. ; it is recommended even by those who discourage the use of the Oxford comma (the comma before the last item in a list) Video from Vampire Weekend for the single 'Oxford Comma' directed by Richard Ayoade.Purchase Vampire Weekend on vinyl at XL Recordings: https://xlrecordings... GameStop sold 3.5 million additional shares, raising $551 million to speed up the company's e-commerce transformation

The network is extracted from publicly available Reddit data of 2.5 years from Jan 2014 to April 2017. Each hyperlink is annotated with three properties: the timestamp, a vector representing the text properties of the source post, listed as a list of comma separated numbers. The vector elements are the following: 1. Number of characters 2 Hom Ulteriori forme e condizioni particolari di autonomia, concernenti le materie di cui al terzo comma dell'articolo 117 e le materie indicate dal secondo comma del medesimo articolo alle lettere l), limitatamente all'organizzazione della giustizia di pace, n) e s), possono essere attribuite ad altre Regioni, con legge dello Stato, su iniziativa della Regione interessata, sentiti gli enti locali. Run-on sentences and comma splices happen when a writer isn't careful with commas. Let's see how you do! Run-on sentences and comma splices happen when a writer isn't careful with commas. Let's see how you do! If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website

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Reddit Community Asset Store Try now Register Login New Construct 3 updated 3 days ago > Construct 3 Game Making Software. Construct 3 is the best software to create games. Over 180,000 users monthly make & sell thousands of games globally. Try It Now! Some of our customers World Class Game Development Toolkit This document you requested has moved temporarily. It's now at http://eur-lex.europa.eu/eurlex-frontoffice/homepage.html?locale=it

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DECRETO-LEGGE 22 marzo 2021, n. 41 Misure urgenti in materia di sostegno alle imprese e agli operatori economici, di lavoro, salute e servizi territoriali, connesse all'emergenza da COVID-19 Comma definition is - a punctuation mark, used especially as a mark of separation within the sentence

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