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With 5 New Courses Added This Week, Achieve Your Potential Today. Start Your Learning Journey From The Comfort Of Your Home Today With reed.co.u Browse new releases, best sellers or classics & Find your next favourite boo Sustainable Supply Chain Management online short course Learn to implement tools, frameworks and strategies to build resilient and adaptive supply chains of tomorrow.. The... Gain valuable and relevant skills, and walk away with:. Key skills in building a resilient supply chain. The tools... CPD. The University of Cambridge Sustainable Supply Chain Management online short course focuses on the technological and environmental aspects of supply chain management to future-proof supply chains. You'll learn how to leverage industry changes and disruptions to optimise logistics and procurement management, and build sustainable business processes Our MSc Sustainable Supply Chain Management will give you the opportunity to follow a wide variety of careers with global multi-national companies or smaller SME enterprises. You'll be equipped to take up both leadership and operational positions, as well as pursuing policy-making and academic career paths - a number of former students on related programmes have subsequently completed their PhD in a related subject

Degree: Degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management, specialisation Sustainable Supply Chain Management Tuition fee: For the first semester: 75000 SEK Total tuition fee: 450000 SE Specialism (compulsory) classes for the MSc Supply Chain and Sustainability Management are: Sustainable Product Design and Manufacturing; Lean and Green Logistics; Remanufacturing; Major projects. You'll undertake a research dissertation related to supply chain management SC401: Intro to Supply Chain Management. This introductory course provides an overview of the principles of supply chain management, including strategy, forecasting/planning, purchasing, operations, logistics, and transportation. SC402: Strategic Sourcing and the Procurement Proces Course Description. The SSCM trainings will guide participants through the process of establishing a Sustainable Supply Chain Management and will help them to systematically manage environmental and social issues in their global supply chains. The trainings are designed for purchasing managers as well as sustainability and quality managers of SMEs.

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Sustainable supply chains (ITR363) Fall 2019, lp2 HT19 (7.5 hp) The course is offered by the Department of Technology Management and Economic This course will help you learn the essentials of green product standards and labeling as well as how to work with sustainable suppliers, implement sustainable business practices, apply lean and green manufacturing strategies, and integrate these practices across the extended supply chain. By the end of this course, you will be prepared to take the Senior Certified Sustainability Professional Certification (SCSP) or Green Supply Chain Professional Certification (GSCP) offered by Green Supply.

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The course deals with sustainable supply chain management with an emphasis on textiles and fashion. In the course the students consider fundamental methods, principles and strategies, related to logistics and supply chain management. I This course provides delegates with an in-depth exploration of the key elements within successful supply chain management including forwarding demand planning techniques and approaches, effectively enhancing efficiency, managing bottleneck situations and concludes with the development and enhancement of effective risk management within the supply chain environment Course summary. Supply chain management involves the handling of the entire production flow of a good or service, starting from the raw component to delivering the final product to the consumer. Sustainable Supply Chain Management is more relevant and important than ever in the face of constantly changing global economies MIT SCM Class 2019 Sustainable Supply Chain Management Course. Events. March 14, 2019 - Cambridge MA. Dr. Karla Gámez Pérez with the SCM.290 class. 35 MIT students had the opportunity to take the class SCM.290 Sustainable Supply Chain Management with Dr. Josué Velázquez Martínez and Dr. Karla Gámez Pérez In this step, Dr Maro Triantafyllou explores supply chain management and sustainable logistics. © Coventry University. CC BY-NC 4.0. In this step, you will be introduced to the concept of green logistics and how businesses can incorporate sustainable principles into their logistics processes

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The current global health pandemic has brought the importance of supply chains into clear relief - illustrating the extent to which our lives are dependent on them for food, health care, and a wide range of goods and services.. The Supply Chain and Sustainability Management Essentials c ertificate p rogram provides partici pants with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of effective. A supply chain is essentially a value chain. For the society or economy as a whole, the goal is to maximize value, i.e., to create satisfactory value without spending too much. In order to create the maximum value for the strawberry supply chain, every participant in the chain must carry out its function efficiently Leverage your knowledge of focused subject areas—such as environmental economics, greenhouse emissions management, sustainable building design, sustainable supply chain management, environmental toxicology, or risk management—to achieve a specific objective In response to pressures for transparency and accountability, learners who take on the role of a sustainable agri-food supply chain manager, will need to know how to measure, benchmark, and report environmental sustainability performance of their supply chains. This course provides an in‐depth examination of SAFSCs and the related decision‐making

You'll learn how state-of-the art procurement systems can help your food business build a competitive edge while actually strengthening the health of our food system. Best of all, you'll finish the course with your own supply chain roadmap that can guide the real decisions you make for your business as you put it on a path to profitable sustainability This Sustainable Supply Chain Management Diploma is for those who are interested to incorporate environmental features into the supply chain. This course will also include lessons on sustainable supply chain management strategies Sustainability in Supply Chain Management is founded upon the principles of Six Sigma and Lean to not only reduce waste within the system, but also to solve some of the world's greatest challenges in relation to the environment Week 8 Content Section 8.1: The need for a green view to supply chain management Section 8.2: Green supply chain management Section 8.3: Reverse logistics management Section 8.4: Life-cycle assessment for supply chain management Section 8.5: Industrial symbiosis Week 8 Overview and Learning Objectives Whether you are the CEO of an large corporation or th

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  1. Sustainable Supply Chain Advisor at Jaguar Land Rover. Dame Polly Courtice. Founder and Director of The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. The Business Sustainability Management course has well-balanced content that helps you to embed the theory into daily business practice
  2. Finally, I want to suggest decision element with sustainable and prospering supply chain management. These are awareness, alignment, and appreciation. First of all, every participant as applied to management must realize, why it is important to coordinate among those who share this same value chain, or same supply chain
  3. 2 Sustainable Supply Chains: A Guide for Small- to Medium-sized Manufacturers Supply Chain Sustainability: An Introduction The issue of sustainability in supply chain management is gaining attention in both academic literature and industry practice as an area of opportunity

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  1. Sustainability in the supply chain provides a win-win for every organization—it's good for the environment and for profitability. This program will equip you with the latest tools, concepts, and business practices for managing an environmentally and economically sustainable supply chain
  2. Courses if you start at the end of August:. Distribution Management (Fall) Production Management (Fall) Purchasing Management (Fall) Research Skills: Supply Chain Management (please note: this course must be successfully completed in order to start the thesis); Collaboration in the Supply Chain (Fall
  3. Sustainable Supply Chain Management. Started: 26 May 21 Last chance to register. View course. University of Cape Town. Supply Chain Management. Next start date: 28 Jun 21. Cambridge Sustainable Supply Chain Management online short course. UCT Supply Chain Management online short course
  4. Indeed, sustainable supply chain management can be a strong driver of value and success - for business as much as for society. By spreading good business prac-tices around the globe, it has enormous potential to contribute to more inclusive markets and advance sustainable development i

Whatever your background or UG degree subject area, this course will equip you with a wide range of practical business skills, with a particular focus on supply chain management, including global supply chain management and sustainable procurement Sustainability in supply chain management generally refers to continuous accountability for risk and negative impact caused by a range of actions along the supply chain. Sustainability efforts are also aimed at enhancing fairness and positive benefits for suppliers, workers, customers, end-users and any other stakeholders Introduction to Green Supply Chain Management 2 4/2 Invited Speaker: Gregor Thompson (GENCO) (i) Final project assignments Pre-reading Questions 3 4/7 Reverse Logistics / Closing the Loop (ii) & (iii) Project Deliverable #1 • Sustainable includes environment + socia

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  1. View Sustainability in SCM.pptx from MBA 628 at San Diego State University. Integrating Sustainability into the Supply Chain 1 Approach to Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM): Overarchin
  2. SCM 813: Sustainable Supply Chain Management ** (3 credits) Introduction to new business models and sustainable design principles for reinventing products and services to drive business value while reducing environmental and social impact, sourcing raw materials and working effectively with suppliers to safeguard labor and human rights and protect and restore natural resources, and managing.
  3. Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management ---Firms today face increasing pressure from activists, investors, and customers, to reduce the environmental impacts of their operations and supply chains as well as uphold basic human rights and labor standards for the people who produce the materials / components / products. At the same time, using a sustainability lens to look at its.
  4. In implementing a green or sustainable supply chain, companies must consider several planning techniques, including the life cycle and how this is engineered, as well as demand and supply panning. Companies need to consider how they procure their materials, the various partnerships they've developed to do so, and how suppliers can be incentivized and trained
  5. Home / Business & Management / Innovation / Supply Chain Innovation: How Technology Can Create a Sustainable Future / Introduction to supply chain innovations in construction Learn more about this course

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Boost your confidence in supply chain management and master the skills needed to bring new ideas to suppliers, plants, and distributors while improving customer satisfaction. With a CSCP Certification, you'll gain valuable experience to effectively manage global supply chain efforts and implement essential concepts and strategies to improve day-to-day operations The course explores the impact of legislations and policies on supply chain practices and reverse logistics network design. The course is of particular value to those majoring in logistics and supply chain, procurement, marketing and sustainability management

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Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) is an important strategy that supports organizations in achieving advantages over their competitors and in improving the overall performance. Wagner, Schaltegger, and Wehrmeyer [41] believe that SSCM strategies ' effects are still unclear and may cause positive or negative economic performance Managing a supply chain that is not only efficient, but encourages the sustainability of resources has become a challenge for companies of all sizes. Selection of socially responsible suppliers, mode of transporting raw materials, product design and disposal are just a few of the factors related to implementing a Green Supply Chain Leadership in strategic, sustainable procurement. Today's supply chain professional ensures that an organization has the resources it needs to accomplish its mission and object By completing this course, you'll be armed with the valuable and practical skills you need to fully implement and manage Reverse Logistics and Closed Loop Supply Chains, manage the returns process decisions with respect to repair, refurbishment, disposition, and secondary market more efficiently, act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, and produce real value for the company.

This 30-hour course, delivered by professors of Kedge Business School's top-ranked MSc in Global Supply Chain program (ISLI), will focus on the critical importance of an appropriate and well-adapted Supply Chain design and strategy in order to generate value and drive competitiveness in today's global business environment Supply chain sustainability is the management of environmental, social and economic impacts, of supply chain sustainability approaches through the impact they can have on value creation levers such as pricing power, cost savings, and market share. Such impacts may be significant Sustainable agri-food supply chain management covers the concept of sustainability from the field to the supply chain level by providing learners with tools for improving their company's competitiveness, sustainability and responsibility towards stakeholder expectations Structure How you will learn. On the Global Supply Chain Management master's course, you will: Learn from academics that are following best practice for teaching operations and supply chain management according to higher education literature, via simulation games Have the opportunity to undertake a wide variety of elective courses, that are mostly delivered by practitioners in the field with.

How do you manage the flexible and sustainable supply chains of the future? The Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management is a module-based programme based on proven concepts and insights that will provide you with the answer This course was prepared based on my own experience and the best practices I have used by myself. Also this course contains some theoretical knowledge and practical tools that are used by the world class companies and supply chain managers.. The material is easy to follow and understand, well-structured and presented in a simple and straightforward way Problem Solutions to MyOMLab Operations Management: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management, 13e by Heizer, Render & Munson by Team Finzter Course level: Intermediat Portfolio: Supply Chain Management Aligning Supply Chain Organizations. Your complex supply chain relies on alignment in three critical areas to facilitate success: 1) between the supply chain and strategic objectives, 2) between function and process areas within the supply chain, and 3) between the organization and its suppliers and partners Driving value, alignment and sustainability. Supply Chain Management is a five-day, multi-disciplinary programme designed to help you create and implement innovative strategies that can help your organisation serve customers effectively and efficiently.. We understand the challenges you face - from fast-paced globalisation, accelerating technological innovation to greater expectations of.

Taught by many of MSU's expert faculty, this online certificate program consists of three required eight-week courses: Supply Chain Management I, Supply Chain Management II and Global Supply Chain Management (earning 10.5 total Continuing Education Units or CEUs) Sustainable Supply-Chain Management 15. April 2021 - digital und kostenfrei aus dem Cluster Smart Logistik auf dem RWTH Aachen Campus >> Wir freuen uns über Ihr Feedback. FIR-Thementag praxisnahen Workshops rund um folgende Fragestellungen an Students working on their Statement of Purpose for Supply Chain Management courses should provide very specific and logical evidence of their abilities and potential to build a long-term career in this field. It is essential for them to ensure that their SOP is impressive and differentiates them from the crowd Modern supply chain management, of course, is keenly focused on minimizing risk in the supply chain by ensuring all suppliers are not engaging in detrimental business practices. With the CFO collaborating with supply chain professionals, the opportunity to define what behavior and practices are too risky is strengthened

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The course aims at familiarising the students with idea of Sustainable Supply Chain Management. The main attention will be put on such aspects as: responsible sourcing, responsible purchasing, sustainable process management, risk and opportunities in supply chain, stakeholders management in responsible supply chains Classes. Note - Spring 2021 in-person class access is restricted to CTL/SCM students only, all other students may join virtual classes. Sustainable Supply Chain Management: J. Velazquez, K. Gamez Perez 2-0-4 Thu 4:00-7:00 (E51-325) H1 Spring 2019 SCM.291 Procurement Fundamentals: D. Correl

This short online module explains what 'Sustainable Procurement' means, how it's relevant to you... Beginner. 60 minutes. Learn More. Current issues around human rights and modern slavery in the supply chain, You can pause and come back to our courses at any time. Supply Chain Management; programme launches 4 NEW E-Learning modules and a range of virtual courses that aim to make workplaces better for everyone. New FIR Learning. Search our catalogue of free learning resources. Assess Now. Resources For You. Our members love learning with us. Why the Supply Chain Sustainability School works. About us. What you will learn. Taking advantage of Cranfield's proud research led heritage in this area, the Supply Chain Management programme is the only course of its type in the UK and Europe that gives you the very latest knowledge, tools, methods, strategies and solutions to manage your supply chain in the Industry 4.0 Digital era A green supply chain is achieved by successfully integrating environmentally responsible principles and benchmarks into supply chain management. This includes product design, materials sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and end-of-life product management Supply Chain Management Basic Concept. In order to realize high-quality manufacturing and a sustainable society, the Tsubaki Group is cooperating with its suppliers to conduct procurement activities

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Business, government, and consumer concern about environmental and sustainability issues shape the practice of supply chain management. Companies and organizations must develop strategies that are both strategic for their supply chains and that meet their responsibility and sustainability goals. A new generation of sustainability is unfolding Enrol to the executive certificate program in Supply Chain Strategy & Management. Upon completion participants will be awarded with Supply Chain Strategy & Management from IIM Kozhikode. Enrol now with Talentedge to enhance your strategic management skill Stakeholder pressure from investors, shareholders, customers and nonprofits to push sustainability into the supply chain has significantly increased in recent years, with a record number of shareholder resolutions on supply chains issued during the past two proxy seasons. The recently launched Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines also requires an increased focus on sustainability.

Sustainability is a multi-facet concept impacting everything from the environment, business continuity, In this course, students work in teams on a real-world, simulated, or case-based project in supply chain management. This course will combine aspects of all the courses in the program together The Supply Chain Business Institute is a professional development organisation delivering premier Supply Chain Education and Training. It was created in response to a market need for quality instructor-led courses in the Australian Supply Chain and Logistics space that empower professionals with the knowledge, insights and tools to take their supply chains to the next level

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SMGT 782: Supply Chain Management In this course, planning, organizing, and controlling the organization's supply chain are examined in the context of the triple bottom line, and total cost analyses or product and process life cycles are considered in the context of strategy and operations Our courses are conceived for young and older experienced professionals who wish to gain specialist knowledge and skills in Global Supply Chain Management. As well as offering short advanced certificate courses, IML also works with industry and organisations on collaborative projects, matching enterprise educational needs with the latest innovation & research resources

Supply Chain Strategies for Sustainable Companies. It just takes what supply chain expert Hau Lee calls the Triple-A approach — having agility, Lee's keynote capped the conference Socially and Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains sponsored by Global Supply Chain Management Forum The International Master in Digital Supply Chain Management - Operations, Procurement and Logistics has been created to provide all the necessary skills to young graduates looking for a successful international career in supply chain and procurement management, with special focus on today's important areas such as Supply Chain Big Data and Analytics, Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Take a supply chain management course to learn the tools and skills to better face industry developments such as emerging markets, improving sustainability and changing risks. After the right supply chain management course, you'll be better equipped to drive changes in your supply chain smartly and effectively This book is primarily intended to serve as a research-based textbook on sustainable supply chains for graduate programs in Business, Management, Industrial Engineering, and Industrial Ecology, but it should also be of interest for researchers in the broader sustainable supply chain space, whethe

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Part 1 of the course focuses on the importance of a sustainable supply chain, including tapping the circular economy to enhance business operations. At the end of the course, participants will know how to engage with suppliers, learn to assess the sustainability of a company's supply chain, and understand how the GRI Standards can be used to report on a company's supply chain The MSc Sustainable Supply Chain Management aims to provide the skills to enable supply chain managers of the future to thrive in this dynamic environment. Supported by world leading research in this area, the course provides you with the capability to make decisions that consider the full range of economic, social and environmental impacts of supply chains Sustainable Supply Chain Management SCM 813 Introduction to new business models and sustainable design principles for reinventing products and services to drive business value while reducing environmental and social impact, sourcing raw materials and working effectively with suppliers to safeguard labor and human rights and protect and restore natural resources, and managing total cost and risk

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Senior supply chain managers and project management executives in any company which manufactures or distributes products, including component manufacturers, contract manufacturing companies, semi-conductor manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, consumer goods manufacturers, telecom companies, financial services companies, and retailers who would like to control more of the supply chain

Supply Chain Management courses are a respected qualification both at a corporate and government level. The MANCOSA Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management is aimed at equipping first line managers with the knowledge and skills required to fulfill their management role within the supply chain Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management. Learn to manage a business' supply-side activities in order to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace with the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Supply Chain Management from Temple's Fox School of Business.As a graduate, you will have the ability to direct the efficient flow of. The Master of Science (Supply Chain Management) programme is hosted jointly by the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management from Faculty of Engineering, The Logistics Institute - Asia Pacific and the Department of Analytics & Operations from NUS Business School. It is a well-structured integrated multi-disciplinary programme which combines topics from business and. Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative Opens Benchmark for Social Compliance Schemes in Fishing, Agriculture and Aquaculture Sectors 10th May 2021 Publicatio Graduates of this course have gone on to work in a range of roles, including Senior Development Technologist, Innovation Manager, Supply Chain Coordinator and Associate Principal Scientist. Companies where our graduates have progressed on to include PepsiCo, Chia Company, Bowman's Ingredients and MMUK

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Welcome to the Chair of Supply and Value Chain Management at Technical University of Munich, Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability. Our Chair is led by Prof. Dr. Alexander Hübner and aims to provide excellent education to the students at TU Munich while doing research on the most vibrant topics of supply and value chain management In fact, we used real-time job analysis software to examine more than 50,000 supply chain job postings and 79 percent of positions called for a bachelor's degree. 1 The curriculum you'll encounter in a Supply Chain and Logistics Management degree program will prepare you to help organizations find efficiencies and direct the flow of goods from supplier to consumer When supply chains are weak, the flow of goods and services is interrupted, costs go up and customer satisfaction levels drop. Furthermore, the operations may result in a negative impact on society and the environment. In this course, we describe practices to make supply chains stronger and sustainable in the face of change. We start this course by learning about what makes strong and.

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